Sorrento Tour Pompeii Vesuvius Herculaneum from Sorrento

With our tour POMPEII VESUVIUS HERCULANEUM from Sorrento, you will discover the marvels and suggestiveness of this exceptional land. History, nature and art are waiting for you.
The excursion from Sorrento to POMPEII VESUVIUS HERCULANEUM will give you the opportunity to have a private tour lasting about 8/9 hours leaving from your hotel or B&B in Sorrento.
You will be able to visit the Pompeii excavations: the sensational open-air museum. You will experience the past coming back to life after centuries of oblivion. Then you will be immersed in uncontaminated and wild nature, along the trails that will take you to the crater of the Vesuvius, and then you will be able to admire the Herculaneum excavations, more contained and quieter compared to Pompeii, but rich in unique features ready to be discovered. A unique and exciting day awaits you!


Our tour lasts 8-9 hours, so it’s best to start from your hotel or a point you have chosen near Sorrento, early in the morning, to do the excursions in tranquillity. The service includes a native Italian private driver who speaks perfect English. (Private Drivers Guides are native Italians that speak English).

Excursion to POMPEII: the past rises from the ashes.

tour of pompeii from sorrento
The first stop of the tour Pompeii-Vesuvius-Herculaneum, the excavations of Pompeii, are located about 40 minutes from Sorrento. After the eruption of AD 79, the vital Pompeii also lost its name. The real excavations only began in the eighteenth century. From under the layers created by ash and lapillus, one of the most striking artistic and historical heritages in the world came to light. The visit starts from porta Marina and continues with the discovery of the buildings that bear witness to the unfolding of the Pompeians’ lives. You’ll be impressed by the bright colours of the mosaics and by the excellent preservation of the frescoes, so much that you will feel like you are being taken back in time. The tour lasts two hours, the price of the ticket to access the excavations is not included in the tour.

The tour of the VESUVIUS: the sleeping giant.

tour to vesuvius from sorrentoOur excursion tour Pompeii-Vesuvius-Herculaneum goes on to explore the Vesuvius, reached after about 15 minutes from Pompeii. ” ‘A Muntagna” (the mountain), is the name with which the Neapolitans call Vesuvius, the most famous volcano in the world. The symbol of the city overlooks the bay of Naples. Its cone-shaped slopes offer hikers a landscape with a wild and eerie atmosphere. The route will be made by car until the end of the carriage road, then you can walk up the path that leads to the summit of the crater. From the top of the Vesuvius you will be able to enjoy an incomparable view that goes from Sorrento to Posillipo. After this stop it will be possible to have lunch. If you want, I will be able to recommend one of the best restaurants in the area where you can taste the local specialties: the Taurasi wine and Lacryma Christi of the Vesuvius, mozzarella and typical cheeses, cold cuts and other delicacies of the Campania region

Tour to the excavations of HERCULANEUM

tour to herculaneum ruins from sorrentoAfter lunch the tour will continue to the discovery of Herculaneum excavations, reached in about 15 minutes from the restaurant. Herculaneum was hit by the same terrible fate as Pompeii. The Vesuvius in AD 79 hit the town with a muddy flood that, over time, has preserved a special conservation. Wooden elements, food, fabrics have remained intact.
Along the geometric network of roads you will have the possibility to discover the shops and the patrician houses organized with all the luxuries of the time. Every house tells its own story and the life that flowed, and it is easy, closing your eyes, to empathize with a citizen of ancient Rome. The tour lasts two hours and the cost of the ticket is not included in the tour. At the end of the visit, we will return to Sorrento passing by the coastal road that will give you one last thrill: The Sorrento coast.

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