Choose to live an exciting, unique and extraordinary day out. The Amalfi, Ravello and Pompeii private tour from Positano focuses on the Amalfi Coast, with its magnificent pearls; enchanting landscapes, made of rocks, cliffs and crystal sea. The green of the Mediterranean becomes the perfect setting for pretty local architectures. A succession of pleasant surprises will make this day unforgettable.
The tour will then continue to Pompeii, the buried city. A past distant 2000 years, but still so present.
Walking through the ancient streets and listening to stories, curiosities and anecdotes, will make it possible to imagine the daily life of ancient Pompeians.
The treasures of our land are at your disposal and with our tour Amalfi – Ravello – Pompeii from Positano, a simple excursion will turn into a wonderful experience, worthy of your best memories.


The Amalfi – Ravello – Pompeii tour from Positano has a duration of about 8/9 hours. Departure from Positano. The trips will be made by luxury car. I will wait for you on time at your hotel and I will be happy to be at your disposal for the entire duration of the tour. At the end of the day, we will return to the starting point. The excursion will start around 8 to dedicate all the necessary time to the visits.
After we have left the enchanting scenery of the charming Positano, we will head to Amalfi, the first leg of the tour.
Along the way, we will go through other small picturesque villages, like Praiano, a fishing village, Furore, with its fjord and Conca dei Marini with the Emerald Grotto; unique and special natural beauties.
In about 30 minutes we will reach Amalfi.


In Amalfi the atmosphere of its important past continues to fascinate after many centuries. Many architectures testifying to its former glory. The magnificent cathedral dedicated to St. Andrew is not to be missed. The dome of the bell tower in polychrome majolica and the gable with its splendid mosaics, highlight the Arab-Norman style of the façade. The interesting Ancient Arsenals where the famous prisons were built with more than 100 oars, used for commerce with the Orient.
Walking through the streets you will have the opportunity to discover local products, enjoy a cool homemade ice cream and enjoy a delicious limoncello, made from the unmistakable Amalfi “sfusato”, a lemon grown exclusively on the Amalfi Coast. A precious memory certainly is a souvenir made of fine Amalfi paper, the real one is still produced today using techniques learned from the Arabs.
The available time in Amalfi is about 1 hour. Then we will leave again to head to Ravello, the second leg of the tour.


Ravello is located on a natural terrace overlooking the sea. Founded by Roman patricians, it has always been surrounded by a halo of nobility. Throughout history, it has been able to capture the best of the civilizations with which it had been in contact: elegant lines, valuable sculptures, sinuous architectures and enclosed gardens. The Cathedral dedicated to San Pantaleone stands in the main square.
Not to be missed the beautiful Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, that offer enchanting landscapes, terraces overlooking the sea, gardens bursting with scents and colours, valuable architectures of the classical style or the typical oriental style.
Before leaving, it will be possible to have a lunch break. If you want, I will recommend a typical restaurant to taste the typical dishes of the Amalfi tradition.
After this break, we will continue our tour to the Pompeii excavations, the third and final stop of the excursion.


Pompeii is definitely one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world, the aura of tragedy and mystery that can still be felt strolling among the ruins, makes this place unique. Customs, eating habits, lifestyles and religious preferences have come to light along with these fabulous ruins that will be able to surprise you, thanks to their excellent conservation.
When Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, there was no escape for anyone. Men, women, children and animals were swept away in their escape. The history gave immortality to everyone.
If you want, I can reserve a tour guide for you, who will accompany you to discover the main public and private buildings of Pompeii. You will discover the Forum, the Basilica, the Temple of Apollo, the magnificent thermal baths, theatres and then the beautiful villas with mosaics and the cheerful and bright frescoes.
It is an immersive experience, but, above all, an experience of great historical and cultural interest, to be done at least once in life.
The tour lasts about 2 hours.
The cost of the ticket is not included in the tour.
The day ends with the return to Positano.
Book now your Amalfi, Ravello and Pompeii tour from Positano!

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