The tour Amalfi Coast – Pompeii from Sorrento offers clients the possibility to make a private tour lasting 8 – 9 hours, where they will have the chance to visit the ruins of Pompeii and discover the remains of the ancient Roman colony. After this incredible parenthesis in history, you can admire the Amalfi Coast with its breathtaking views.
The choice of the Amalfi Coast – Pompeii tour from Sorrento will surprise you giving you the possibility to fully experience the beauties that the world envies us for, their uniqueness and their incomparable splendour.

Our tour begins at your hotel where I will come to pick you up early in the morning to head towards the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi is one of the most enchanting places in our region and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After about 30 minutes of travel we will make our first stop in a charming town called Positano. Positano is a small town so picturesque that it seems almost like theatre scenery. Seen from the sea it looks like a waterfall of little multicoloured houses clinging to the sea. Among the maze of narrow streets you will have the chance to admire and buy clothes of the “Positano fashion” or multicoloured handmade ceramics. Positano has always been the destination of international celebrities.
Note: The visit to Positano lasts about 1 hour.
Continuing our tour Amalfi coast – Pompeii from Sorrento you will arrive at Amalfi.

Amalfi Coast Tour from Sorrento

 amalfi tour from sorrentoAmalfi was apparently founded by Roman patricians, shipwrecked near the coast. The village thrives as a free republic headed by a Doge, who resided in the nearby Atrani, today the smallest country of Italy. The past has left its mark everywhere. I recommend to visit the cathedral dedicated to St. Andrew, to admire the watchtowers and to go to the paper museum, or simply stroll through the small alleyways, to choose the souvenir that you like most or perhaps to taste some of the local sweet specialities. In my opinion, the best choice is a delicious ricotta cheese and pear cake and a Limoncello liquor.
After leaving Amalfi, our excursion will continue in the direction of Ravello: this small town, like the other “pearls” of the Amalfi Coast, is rich in charm and history. Visiting it, you will notice that it blends enchantment, poetry and wonder. During this stop of the Pompeii -Amalfi Coast tour you can also visit the two beautiful Ravellian villas: Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone.
Villa Rufolo, with its garden of exotic plants and its spectacular view of the sea, hosts the Ravello Festival in this magical setting.
Villa Cimbrone was transformed into a place of exceptional charm by E. W. Beckett. The jewel of the villa is undoubtedly the terrace called “of Infinity”; the feeling you get from there is to have a huge open space in front of you, so wonderful it will leave you breathless.
In Ravello I recommend that you have a snack before you reach the fascinating Pompeii.

Pompeii tour from Sorrento

tour to pompeii riuns from sorrentoThe archaeological excavations of Pompeii are an obligatory destination for those who love history and culture. Pompeii, after the Roman colonization, took all the aspects of a real imperial city. In that fateful August 24, 79 AD life flowed quietly and no Pompeian would have believed that on that day Pompeii would have been consigned to history. In just three days Pompeii disappeared. Today, however, the baths, squares, villas, houses of worship and entertainment, Villa of the Mysteries, with its frescoes will fill you with wonder. This trip will involve you so much that the Pompeians’ lives will seem to resume taking you back to the past.
Notes about this stop: the tickets to access the excavations are not included in the tour price. Usually the trip to Pompeii lasts about 2 hours.
Our Amalfi Coast – Pompeii tour from Sorrento ends with the return to the hotel passing by the coast of Sorrento where you can admire the beautiful coast of Sorrento and, why not send your friends and relatives the photos of the tour, thanks to Wifi connection on board.

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